Versa Bench

The Versa Bench: So Comfortable, So Versatile, So Solid.

The Versa Bench, the evolution of the bench press, is the most ergonomic fitness bench in the world.

On a traditional bench, you’re placing your body weight and additional weight on the scapulas.  That’s not only painful – it’s symptomatic of a greater problem: the potentially damaging stresses on the shoulder girdle.  Reducing these unnecessary and potentially injurious stresses reduces the potential for injury to bones that were not designed to accommodate that kind of weight.

The Versa Bench places the user in the proper anatomical position and proper spinal alignment to receive the greatest benefit from the exercise.


  • Smaller footprint allows for all of the benefits of the Bersa Bench with existing exercise infrastructure.
  • Allows for greater scapular retraction
  • Designed to eliminate scapular restriction which allows the trainee to target the upper body (chest muscles) without the unnecessary/negative stresses involved with the eccentric portion of the movement
  • Reduces pain during and after training with reduced risk of injury
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Less unwanted ancillary muscle incorporation
  • Anatomically correct body positioning
  • Reduces risk of injury to neck, back & shoulders when training
  • Ideal for prehab, rehab, strength & conditioning, toning & shaping
  • Promotes increased range of motion and flexibility

Photos of the Versa Bench: